'Mijn zoektocht en Vincent'

Vincent de Paul Center Nederland had a Vincent docu made in our time - 'My search and Vincent' - docu - English version (ENG) , German version (DUI)  and Dutch (NL) version. Enjoy!

Peter Reijers, initiator: "When I first learned about Vincent de Paul, I was immediately curious to learn more. A man with a vision, who decided, over 400 years ago, that poverty was certainly not a part of life. A man who was engaged in this point of view, in a practical and in a pragmatic sense. When I learned more about him, I wondered whether his ideas would still be relevant, in our days. The board of the Vincent de Paul Center in the Netherlands found that it was a good idea to verify that, with young people. Which are their points of view on poverty, on their own responsibilities, and those of others? I interviewed a number of them. Thanks to the Vincent de Paul Center in the Netherlands, the Congregation of the Mission and Orange Films, this lead to a fine contemporary report."

ENG - My search and Vincent :

DUI - Meine Suche und Vinzenz von Paul :

NL - Mijn zoektocht en Vincent :